Making the #vanlife Move

We first started talking about moving into a van back in March 2017. A lot of people ask us what made us start looking into it, and to be honest… we don’t exactly remember.

It was an interesting mixture of events. After 3 big moves (from a 3 bedroom house to an apartment in Santa Barbara, to a studio in New York, to a shared apartment in Denver) I was tired of schlepping around all of my crap. I wanted to live more of a minimalist life and become a more conscious consumer. I think I was reading “Let My People Go Surfing” which really opened my eyes to how much useless crap I have. Ray was researching bucket list-related videos, blogs, sites, etc. (more on that later). In the process, he found the #vanlife and started watching #vanlife videos and checking out posts daily.

But before we get into the details of where we started, what we found, and how we ultimately decided on Da Van, I want to acknowledge that we entered #vanlife in a very privileged position: with jobs, lots of things (of which we had to get rid of about 75%), and as a choice. There are a lot of people who joined the nomad life because it was their only option after a layoff, medical complications, crippling debt, or other life-changing events. We are extremely fortunate that we have the privilege to choose to live a more simple life rather than it being forced upon us in a stressful life situation.

I make that point because living in a van, while amazing and exciting, is a challenge. We can’t put things off like we used to. Everything requires thinking ahead and more planning. It is stressful a lot of the times. Having to do all of that under emotional distress and uncertainty of where our next meal would come from is beyond my imagination.

In the following posts, we will get into more of how we decided on the make and model of Da Van, the process of finding it, and how we began to move out and get rid of 75% of the things we owned. But first, it’s important that we acknowledge the people who are doing this because they don’t have many options because we made this choice with many other options.